Join us for a FREE garden tour, music, workshops, and sessions on August 13th! 


13:15 First garden tour begins by Jim Davidson.
13:15 Instrumental music continues with Eleanor
13:45 Session on pollinators, mulch, weeding and zero-tillage begins.
13:45 Compost mini-workshop begins.
14:00 – 14:30 More music, plus use of this time-frame to introduce some members of the COG who might be there, including recognizing volunteers.
14:30 Second garden tours begin, by Jim Davidson.
14:30 Second compost mini-workshop begins
14:45 Photography in begins.  Camera types, lenses including macro lenses, lighting, depth of field, shutter speed, insects, motion from plants moving in the wind.  
15:00 Event closes.


Tour of the Demonstration Garden August 13, 2023