Soil preparation day at Clementine Towers (OCH)
Soil preparation day at Clementine Towers (OCH)

Senior Organic Gardeners announce new funding!

The Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP), has provided Canadian Organic Growers funding valued at $24,400 for its Senior Organic Gardeners’ Program (SOG) in 2019.

This great news allows our Horticultural Manager to assist seniors in Ottawa Community Housing buildings and in Seniors’ Community Centres to take part in gardening workshops and to put their skills to work to grow beautiful healthy veggies, herbs and edible flowers!

SOG offers seniors hands-on workshops on planning gardens, planting, caring for, harvesting and celebrating their gardens and the produce that they raise!

The NHSP SOG project continues, in 2019, in more than 10 locations in the City of Ottawa.  Our program allows seniors groups to encourage seniors to benefit from the Great Gardening Experience.  Any seniors’ group that would like to get involved can visit our website at:


Nouveaux Horizons pour les Aînés (NHPA) du Gouvernement du Canada a assuré à Cultivons Biologique Canada fonds évalués à $24,400 pour leur programme Jardiniers Aînés Biologiques (JAB) en 2019.

Cette bonne nouvelle permet à notre directrice en horticulture d’aider les aînés dans les Logements Communautaires d’Ottawa et aux Centres Communautaires des aînés à participer aux ateliers de jardinage et à mettre en pratique leurs habiletés en jardinage pour réussir de beaux et nourrissants légumes, de belles herbes fines et des fleurs comestibles!

JAB offre aux aînés des ateliers pratiques au sujet de la planification de jardins, comment planter, maintenir, moissonner et célébrer leurs jardins et les produits qui en sortent!

Le NHPA JAB programme continue le jardinage en 2019 dans plus de 10 endroits dans la ville d’Ottawa. Notre programme permet aux groupes d’aînés d’encourager leurs aînés à bénéficier de la Grande Expérience du Jardinage. D’autres groupes d’aînés qui s’intéresse au jardinage bio pourraient rendre visite à notre site web :

Senior Organic Gardeners was awarded a grant from local Ottawa Community Foundation.

This Project involves:

* Design a “Train-the-Trainer” Program
* Implement a Nutrition Segment to SOG
* Implement a Pilot Project for a new Residential Program for seniors (Model 2) Group seniors living within easy distance to form Gardening Pods who request workshops as needed to support their organic container or garden bed gardening in backyards.

Circle of Donors

SOG applies for grants, invites sponsors, supporters, donors in cash, donors-in-kind.

Making a difference in the life of seniors through organic gardening and horticultural therapy has brilliant short term and long-term results. 


Contact Us

Is your organization interested in forming a partnership with SOG, please get in touch with us at  or call 613 834 5091.

Through the support of our donors, we reach out to over 100 seniors in the Ottawa region. Thank you to everyone who support us! Merci Beaucoup!

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