Here is a selection of the presentations that were given at the 2016 Conference. These presentations are all in PDF format.

Quality Seed Potato Production – How We Do It
Henry Ellenberger, Ellenberger Organic Farm

Hops: From Farmer to Brewer – How to Get There
Jeff McCauley, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co., Stephanie Jaworksi, Old 4th Hop Yar

Record Keeping for Organic Certification: Tips that Work for Farmers and Inspectors
Maureen Bostock, Sweet Meadow Farm

Toward Treatment Free Beekeeping: Considerations and Challenges
Gabriel Petrut, BeeLiving Apiaries

You Took a Soil Test: What Do You Do With the Results
Rob Wallbridge, Songberry Farm 

Farming without a tractor; how multi-species grazing can help cultivate a farm
Luke Swale, Earth’s Harvest Farm

Mob Grazing and Grazing Season Extension
Brian Maloney, Brylee Farm

Cooperative Seed Production: Market gardeners working together to build seed security in Ontario
Aabir Dey, Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security