Here is a selection of the presentations that were given at the 2011 Conference. These presentations are all in PDF format.

Over Winter Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
George Bushell

Managing Grain Quality on the Farm
Tom Manley, Homestead Organics

Creating a Consumer Meat CSA Program
Harry Stoddart, The Stoddart Family Farm

Holistic Management for Healthy Land, People, Profits
Holistic Management Overview
Tony McQuail, Meeting Place Organic Farm

Profitable Intensive Rotational Grazing
Luke Swale, Earth’s Harvest Farm

Effective weed control and crop rotations
Presentation on YouTube
Steve & Loraine Lalonde, Tullochgorom Farm

Building Healthy, Sustainable Local Food Systems
Devorah Belinsky, All Things Food

Marketing isn’t just about advertising – especially online
Alicia Wanless, Crowder House

Organic research rocks agriculture!
Andrew Hammermeister, Organic Agriculture Center of Canada

Eating Locally and Seasonally in our Northern Climate
Janette Haase