Here is a selection of the presentations that were given at the 2010 Conference. These presentations are all in PDF format.

Crops rotations for yield and weed suppression
Garry Lean, Eco-Systems

Records and profitability analysis for the vegetable farmer
Frédéric Thériault, Tourne-Sol Farming Coop

Quality forages with sudan, sorghum and pearl millet, Part 1 and Part 2
Om Dangi, Agriculture Environmental Renewal Canada Inc.

The eco-energy business case for the active farm
Chris Weissflog, EcoGen Energy Inc.

Choosing your manure – a fresh look at composting
Bill Langenburg, Grenville Herb Farm

Integrating seed saving into the market garden
Daniel Brisebois, Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network

Organic opportunities in a student nutrition program
Devorah Belinsky, Ontario’s Student Nutrition Program

Farming with fungi instead of fertilizer
Hida Manns, Trent University