Our COG-OSO banners were flying for the 2023 garden’s celebration at the Demonstration Garden, on August 13. The day was calling for rain, as per usual it would seem this year, but luckily we got a break and enjoyed a breezy day with thirty-five people visiting for  the garden tours, the building of a compost pile and some sampling of currants and apples.  All the while listening to the golden strings of Eleanor on violin.  When I caught the Danny Boy tune, the words escaped me a bit, which can happen with those oldies,  and others in the crowd, of all ages, recognised and enjoyed. 

All of us, visitors, volunteers for the event and some current and former DemoGarden volunteers, had a fun time chatting and drinking the delicious organic juices being served.

I thanked everyone for joining the event and our 8 volunteers were all named and praised for keeping up with the extra weeding needed this year due to so much rain.  Jeremy and his farm staff”s work on a tree and grass trimming was acknowledged.  Appreciation was extended to the Friends of the Farm, for their volunteer referrals and for their continued sharing of the tool shed and the tools inside it.  Then I took some time in a pause between activities to express special thanks to Eleanor for her generous and much appreciated gift of music on our day of celebration: “To Eleanor, our violinist, thank you for coming back again, it has been too long that you were away. So welcome back. I am anxious to hear if there has been a Cape Breton influence upon your music. Congratulations on your studies and your work in agriculture is fascinating.”

Many were wondering what was hidden beneath a mysterious white shroud, set just under 4 sleigh bells with leather strapping and a red ribbon, and finally a string was unfastened by myself assisted by our Chair, Caitlin.  And there it was, our brand new old sign: “To Bobby, our sign-maker, thank you for repairing, refurbishing and re-attaching our sign for the garden. It looks good to go for another 25 years.”

Well, there is one more thank you: “To all of you who have travelled from far and near this year to join us. We appreciate all your kind words of encouragement and your suggestions.”


Jim Davidson, co-coordinator, COG-OSO Demonstration Garden

Demonstration Garden Update September 2023